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100% digital is 100% cost-effective.

When you transform current document processes into all-digital workflows, costs go down and revenue goes up.

Digital signatures transform business.


Learn why 64% of digital leaders with formal transformation strategies have already deployed e-signatures in their sales process.

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Have you made the move to e-signatures?


If you’re still using ink signatures to run your business, we’ll give you five big reasons why e-signatures are better. Read Your Signature Move to learn more.

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Time to signature down. Revenue up.


Sales teams can accelerate time to revenue by optimizing the quote-to-close process with digital contract management and e-signature.

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Five ways to improve sales team success.


Combining several sales strategies into a customized toolkit lets your sales team experience more widespread success by understanding the different communication styles of various prospects.

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Digital signatures transform business.


Investing in technology for optimal employee experiences presents challenges to IT teams and their businesses. Still, employees expect a workplace experience that’s as personalized and seamless as they encounter in day-to-day life.

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*The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Acrobat, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe, May 2017.

Adobe is the preferred PDF and e-signature solution across Microsoft’s portfolio.

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Paper processes inhibit customer experience and operational efficiency. And yet 80% of document processes today still rely on paper. See why intelligent PDF apps and services, based on this strategic Adobe and Microsoft partnership, deliver better experiences on any surface and at any scale.

Our customers use Adobe Document Cloud to exceed their clients’ and employees’ expectations.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise gets legal documents signed by as many as 90 people — in days instead of months.

State of Hawaii

Adobe Document Cloud helps the State of Hawaii provide citizens with faster, more efficient services.


See how Rabobank digitizes their processes, maintaining compliance and delivering enhanced customer services and experiences. 

Merck KGaA

Learn more about how Merck shifted employee efforts away from manual processes to more value-added work with Adobe Sign.


Unum uses Adobe Sign to improve customer experiences and responsiveness while reducing reliance on paper forms. 

Pace University

Using Adobe technology, Pace University offers high-quality education to a diverse population while also innovating to meet the needs of today’s global economy. 


See how POPSUGAR has used Adobe Sign to improve the real-time visibility into their contract processes. 

Iowa State University

With the help of Document Cloud applications, see how Iowa State University Foundation encourages larger gift amounts with a smoother donation experience. 


Using electronic document processes from Adobe, EDF Group has boosted document workflows, streamlined procurement, and enhanced security. 



“Today, workers on the road use different apps, tools, and software across many different devices, having to keep track of where their documents are. With Adobe Document Cloud, it can all happen in one place, with on solution.” 

Joost van de Bunt, Business Development Manager, KLM


Help your enterprise deliver efficient, exceptional document experiences with Adobe Document Cloud.


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