Put critical documents on the fast track. And keep them there.

Go from send to signed 5x faster.

With Adobe Document Cloud, your business can automate signing and approval processes across the entire organization. Make it easy for customers to sign on any device. And know that the signatures and agreements are legally valid.
  • Send, track and manage.

    Send, track and manage.

    Send documents for signature, and then track and manage the process through Acrobat DC and web, mobile or enterprise apps.
  • Keep it legal.

    Keep it legal.

    With the technology behind eSign services, you can build rock-solid signing processes that are legal and compliant.
  • Integrate with enterprise apps.

    Integrate with enterprise apps.

    Use turnkey integrations or APIs to embed e-signature processes into enterprise apps and systems.
  • Control the flow.

    Control the flow.

    Customize workflows so employees can send and collect the right information, in the right way.
  • Verify identities.

    Verify identities.

    Have confidence in the authenticity of every signature. Enhance signer verification with two-factor authentication.
  • Send to many.

    Send to many.

    With bulk signing, it’s easy to send one document to many people. And everyone gets a personalized version to sign.

Where are e-signatures accepted?

Currently, e-signatures are enforceable in most countries — including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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