Speed legal work with all-digital document processes.

Automate common legal processes with Adobe Document Cloud solutions. Create and protect legal document templates with Acrobat DC, and accelerate approvals with Adobe Sign.

Move from paper to digital with Acrobat DC.

Cut out paper delays and go all digital with the best PDF tools.


Speed document creation. Preapprove standard legal templates to reduce the time spent getting individual documents approved.


Simplify collaboration. Merge documents and organize pages to present all information in a single, searchable PDF. Then send to collect comments from multiple reviewers in a single PDF.


Protect sensitive information. Use advanced redaction features and password protection to control who can see file content and interact with confidential documents.

Paper to digital
Legal workflows

Automate legal workflows with Adobe Sign.

From NDA executions to trademark reviews, turn manual, repetitive legal processes into automated workflows.


Provide self-service access. Web forms with built-in business logic make it fast and simple for employees to find the right legal documents and initiate automated workflows.


Route automatically. Use included workflow tools or drag and drop to create smart workflows that route digital documents through the right steps, in the right order.


Monitor progress. Manage and track your legal documents in real time. Know who signed, when, and who’s next.

Mobile devices mean serious business for HR.

Your employees work everywhere — on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Make this a business advantage. Deliver a modern, connected experience with Adobe Document Cloud mobile apps.


Anyone can access forms and documents from anywhere. Applicants and employees can complete, e-sign, and return documents — legally and securely, with the device that’s most convenient for them.


Your staff can keep business moving in the office or on the go. With our mobile apps, HR can send documents to be e-signed and track progress in real time from a tablet or smartphone.

Adobe Sign
Adobe Scan

Do more with your current procurement tools.

Adobe Document Cloud solutions can be up and running in minutes inside the procurement systems you already use.

Create and share PDFs right in Microsoft 365. You can also send documents for signature and track their status in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Use Document Cloud solutions with SharePoint to streamline your document workflows. Get agreements signed instantly, and work seamlessly with PDF files.


Accelerate contract and quote approval cycles by adding e-signature capabilities

to any agreement.

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Use ThinkSmart to build customer workflows integrated with Adobe technology.

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