Get your digital ID. Start signing in the cloud.

A digital signature is the most advanced, secure form of electronic signature. With a cloud-based digital ID, you can sign anything — in a web browser or on your mobile device — and rest easy knowing your signature complies with the highest security standards.
Follow these steps to get your cloud-based digital ID.
Follow these steps to get your cloud-based digital ID.

Follow these steps to get your cloud-based digital ID.

  1. Choose a certificate provider below.  
  2. Enroll per the provider’s instructions to get your ID.
  3. Restart the signing process and select your new credential to sign the document.

Trust Service Providers

These trust service providers (TSPs) are companies committed to offering certificate-based digital IDs that work in compliance with Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) standards and signature laws around the world, such as the European eIDAS regulation.
Intesi Group
Intesi Group is an Italian trust service and technology provider offering immediate availability of digital IDs for consumers and enterprises in compliance with the CSC and eIDAS standards. Since 2009, more than 10 million users have signed with its cloud service.

D-TRUST is a leading German trust service provider preparing to provide support for the CSC standard through its remote signature service, sign-me. Available in the second half of 2017, it will offer support for both advanced and qualified levels in eIDAS.

Simply Sign
SimplySign by Asseco, a solution from Poland for mobile and desktop devices, is compliant with the CSC and eIDAS standards. Services in the EU and EMEA will be available soon.
Universign, a French qualified trust service provider, offers multiple trust services for organizations and eIDAS-compliant certificate-based digital IDs for individuals across Europe. CSC-compliant solutions will be available soon.
InfoCert is the largest certificate authority in Europe and a leading provider of trust services, helping organizations in their digital interactions with customers/citizens in compliance with the eIDAS regulation at the highest trust level. CSC-compliant solutions will be available soon.
Certinomis, a subsidiary of France-based DOCAPOST (La Poste Group), is a leading qualified trust service provider specializing in electronic identity and timestamp services. It supports the highest levels of eIDAS compliance and CSC-compliant solutions will be available soon.
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