If our workflows act superior, it’s because they are.

So much more than signature processes, with Adobe Sign, it’s drag-and-drop simple to automate every task in a document workflow from start to finish.

“By giving sales representatives self-service access to pre-approved NDAs through Adobe Sign, agreements are completed and processed significantly faster.” 

— Connie Brenton, director of operations and chief of staff in the legal department, NetApp

Signer authentication

Route documents in just the right order.

With Adobe Sign, anyone in your organization can tailor and automate document workflows to get electronic signatures, collect form data, confirm delivery of an important document, and move business ahead in as few steps as possible.
  • Assign roles including signer, approver, acceptor, form filler, certified recipient, and delegator
  • Route to recipients in a specific order
  • Invite multiple participants with a single request
  • Enable anyone from a group to sign or respond
  • Set up reminders and notifications
Signer authentication
Create reusable templates for your teams

Create reusable templates for your teams.

The visual Workflow Designer in Adobe Sign makes it drag-and-drop easy to create reuseable workflow templates that help users avoid common mistakes and ensure consistent, error-free results. It’s simple to specify:
  • Documents to be included in an agreement
  • Characteristics of the participants
  • Form fields to be prefilled by the sender
  • Agreement expiration or password options
  • Instructions for users

Automate processes from end to end.

Create online and self-serve experiences that help customers, partners, or employees kick off common processes, and initiate the right workflow for the right occasion automatically.
  • Kick off a new process

    Kick off a new process.

    Create HTML forms to prequalify new requests and select the right form or document package for the right situation. 
  • Trigger next steps

    Trigger next steps.

    Use conditional logic to route each request correctly, so documents move automatically from one task to the next.
  • Take action

    Take action.

    Route tasks to the right people automatically. Assemble documents, review, approve, sign, deliver, and more.
  • Use dashboards

    Use dashboards.

    Manage signed and received documents, generate reports, and get real-time visibility into document cycles.

From one. To many.

Eliminate the stress of chasing down signatures from hundreds of people. When you need to get the same agreement signed by a multitude of people — and you want it personalized for each signer — do it in a few fast steps with Adobe Sign. Just import your list. Choose your form. And hit ‘send’.

Work more flow into your enterprise applications, too.

Streamline your document processes with Adobe Sign’s prebuilt integrations. They run in the enterprise applications you already use — including Salesforce, Workday, Apttus, Ariba and more — and are ready to roll, without any coding.
Create reusable templates for your teams

See it in Salesforce.

The Adobe Sign integration works natively with Salesforce agreement templates. In a few quick clicks, you can select the most current version of an agreement, prepopulated with customer information, and send it out for signature — right in Salesforce or the Salesforce1 mobile app.

What else do you need to know?

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