Adobe Sign.

Always one step ahead.

With your Adobe Sign subscription, new features and improvements are added automatically, keeping the latest, greatest tools at your fingertips. Here are the most recent updates.

September 2017

  • EU-qualified time stamps

    EU-qualified time stamps.

    Comply with the highest-level requirements of the EU eIDAS regulation. Adobe Sign in Europe now adds qualified time stamps to every signing event.
  • Color-coded recipient fields.

    Color-coded recipient fields.

    Author forms faster and flawlessly. Now, each recipient is assigned a unique color tag, so you can make sure every field is assigned to the right recipient.
  • Configurable time stamps.

    Configurable time stamps.

    Ensure compliant, long-term validity for agreements. Adobe Sign can be configured to work with the time stamp provider of your choice by request.
  • Aadhaar signing.

    Comply with strict electronic signature laws in India. Adobe Sign in India lets people sign securely with their government-issued Aadhaar identity number.
  • New data center in India.

    Meet India’s requirements for online data management. Data for new Adobe Sign accounts in India is now managed within the country’s borders.
  • Online payments

    Online payments.

    Connect to your Braintree (a PayPal service) account to securely collect contract fees, donations, online orders, and more — right when customers fill and sign forms.

May 2017

  • Cloud signatures
    Offer easy-to-use, high-assurance signing experiences on web and mobile with open, standards-based digital IDs.
  • Cross-device signing

    Cross-device signing.

    From your desktop computer, send a text to your mobile device, sign with your finger or a stylus, then finish back on your desktop.
  • Business stamps

    Business stamps.

    You or your signers can add stamps — such as a “received” image or a corporate seal — to documents and forms.
  • Inline images

    Inline images.

    Your signers can add visible images like profile pictures, driver’s licenses, passports, or logos to documents and forms.
  • Written signatures.

    Written signatures.

    Get the accuracy and auditability of electronic processes with handwritten signatures. Just fill, print, sign, scan, and return.
  • Custom email templates

    Custom email templates.

    Extend your brand and personalize customer interactions with fully customizable HTML email templates for requesting and confirming signatures. (Additional fees apply.)

March 2017

  • Go beyond signing and approvals.

    Assign new roles to recipients. Click to accept. Fill a form without signing. Or, view and acknowledge with certified proof of delivery.
  • Instantly scan and sign.

    Go from paper to e-signed in record time. Use your mobile device to turn any paper document into a PDF, then send for fast e-signing.
  • Read the fine print.

    Use iOS Reading Mode to see the fine print – reflow text with a tap, and easily zoom in and out.
  • Track at a glance.

    Track and manage progress from the home screen of your iOS device—without opening the Adobe Sign mobile app.

December 2016

  • Expand to Australia and Japan.

    We expanded your global reach with new data centers in Australia and Japan.
  • Build your app with Node.js.

    Build a custom web app more quickly with the new SDK for Node.js platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime.

August 2016

  • Set reminders.

    You can set automated email reminders directly from the Send page so you can get signatures faster.
  • Get smooth signatures.

    Improve the experience with mouse and stylus signatures that look smoother and more true-to-life.
  • Use stronger passwords.

    Take advantage of new more stringent password rules for improved security.
  • Up your authentication.

    Phone-based signer authentication goes to six digits, increasing the strength of the code by a hundredfold.
  • Split your screen on iOS.

    Increase productivity with split-screen multitasking support for iPad and iPad Pro.
  • Experience Java SDK.

    Our SDK makes it easier for your developers to integrate Java and take advantage of Adobe Sign REST APIs.

April 2016

  • Refine your authentication.

    Per signer authentication allows senders to assign a different authentication method for each recipient. 
  • Send private messages.

    Personalize the signing experience with unique messages for each signer.
  • Clean up signature images.

    When you upload an image of your signature or initials, the background is removed to create a crisp, clean image automatically.
  • Integrate with REST APIs.

    Easily integrate Adobe Sign into your organization's applications with a complete set of REST APIs.

November 2015

  • Design repeatable workflows.

    Drag and drop to create custom workflow templates for consistent, error-free signature processes.
  • Refine your routing.

    Precisely define the signing order with options to let people sign sequentially, in parallel, or both.
  • Assign a delegator.

    Eliminate delays when the signer’s email address is unknown or an intermediary is needed.
  • Send to a group.

    Include multiple recipients in a single signing step so anyone from a group can sign. 
  • Correct on the fly.

    Save time when the wrong document gets sent by fixing the error and resending – no need to start over.  
  • Delegate permissions.

    Create a virtual account that can be shared by multiple people, and delegate account privileges to an alternate user.
  • Use digital signatures.

    Meet high-assurance signer authentication requirements with digital signatures that use certificate-based digital IDs.
  • Use a signature photo.

    Let signers use their mobile device to take a photo of their handwritten signature and use it to sign a document.
  • Ensure security.

    Adobe Sign is certified SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 compliant, meeting the industry’s most rigorous security standards.
  • Expand to Europe.

    We expanded your global reach with our new European data centers.
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