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You may think your current PDF solution already provides everything you need.  But with the all-new Acrobat DC you can benefit from advanced security, Microsoft integration, and easier license deployment and management. Your users need a complete PDF solution for working anywhere, on any device. Acrobat DC delivers the most complete PDF solution for today’s multi-device, connected workforce.

See why you should upgrade to the all-new Acrobat DC.

Reduce your admin time with the NEW Acrobat DC.

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    Acrobat DC is now integrated with Microsoft Office 365

    With Acrobat DC, users across your company can deliver a better PDF experience that enhances workflows across Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive. 
  • Send from your mobile device

    Ease of management and automatic compliance

    Smoothly deploy and manage licenses - assign, reassign and remove licenses by individual or group using a web-based Admin Console; deploy apps and updates centrally or let users self-install; get ongoing access to new features and security updates and deploy on your own schedule. .
  • Work in your browser.

    Document security

    Document authors can create PDF documents and apply a host of security measures including encryption, access controls and secure signatures. Furthermore, when you integrate Acrobat DC with Microsoft Office, not only do you have Adobe’s comprehensive security features and support, but the entire process is also protected by Office 365 cloud security.
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    Predictable budgeting

    Lower your up-front costs with an annual membership that includes exclusive feature updates at no additional cost. Easily scale as your team grows, and leverage volume discounts for larger purchases.
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    Dedicated support

    Including onboarding help and unlimited 24 / 7 phone and email technical support.

By migrating to Acrobat DC, you empower your end-users.

Enable your users to streamline their document workflows and collaborate more efficiently, while maintaining the highest levels of security and increasing their productivity and ROI.

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Mobile integration:

  • Enable users to work from any device on the go
  • Users can work across mobile, tablet, desktop and web
  • Fill, sign and share documents on any device
Work in Acrobat

Improved document security and collaboration:

  • Users can easily enable and control document security
  • Set permissions and password protection
  • Retain document fidelity
  • Enable document redaction, remove sensitive and hidden information
  • Comment, review and collaborate on PDFs
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The most powerful Acrobat features and support to date

  • Automatically create forms from scanned documents
  • Search and edit text in scans
  • Combine several documents into a single PDF
  • Make changes in a distribution-ready PDF file
  • Get increased storage - 100GB compared to 2GB
  • Access online tutorials
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Maximise their Microsoft applications:

  • Increase workforce productivity and get more from your Microsoft Investment by adding time-saving PDF tools direct to Office 365 applications.
  • Users can create, combine and organise PDFs directly from inside SharePoint and One Drive
  • Create password-protected PDF files that preserve fonts, formatting and layouts directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Upgrading: your concerns answered


Want to switch to Acrobat DC, but have concerns about migrating?Don’t worry. We’ve got answers to help put your mind at rest.

I want to move to the all-new Acrobat DC – is it worth the time and effort?

We can provide you with upgrading support, through every step of the process. We offer expert on-boarding assistance and 24hr support is available by phone.

Isn’t Acrobat DC more expensive than alternatives like perpetual solutions?

Acrobat DC is the only complete PDF workflow solution. It provides the highest levels of security and control whilst lowering your up-front costs. With Acrobat DC you also benefit from great volume discounts with a single VIP agreement. And when you purchase by subscription, you’ll get all new features and updates as soon as they’re released without having to pay more.

What impact will per user pricing and subscription have on our accounting?

You can make big savings thanks to volume discounts, extend your licence term up to three years to keep your budget predictable, and add more licences at the discounted price through our Value Incentive Plan (VIP). You can switch a capital expense to an operating cost, making your spending more predictable.

I don’t trust cloud offerings, so why should I trust Adobe Acrobat DC?

Adobe DC services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a major state-of-the-art cloud platform that follows all required standards. All content is redundantly stored in multiple data centres and on multiple devices in each data centre. All network traffic undergoes systematic data verification and checksum calculations to prevent corruption and ensure integrity. Stored content is synchronously and automatically replicated to other data centre facilities within that customer’s region so that data integrity will be maintained even with the loss of data in two different locations.

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Benefit from 10%*off Acrobat DC when you buy 10 or more licenses

You can now get a 10% discount if you purchase 10 or more new licenses. The offer expires on 31st May 2019. The offer is only redeemable by phone, not online.

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*This promotion is available for new and additional seats purchased by VIP customers through Adobe Value lncentive Plan (VIP). At least 10 or more seats have to be purchased. Offer does not apply to renewals for transactions under this promotion which do not fulfil the eligibility criteria. Adobe reserves the right to terminate the respective non-eligible Iicenses. 12-month membership required for new customers enrolling in a new VIP agreement. Offer not available to Education or Government customers. For 3-year contract term option offer applies only to 1st year initial purchase, regular pricing (RRP) will apply for 2nd and 3rd year renewals. 
General Terms: Offer expires on 31st of May 2019. Valid only for eligible persons who are 18+ Residents or persons in embargoed countries or countries subject to U.S or local export restrictions are not eligible. Offer and prices subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Since Adobe’s products and services are distributed through Adobe resellers, or other channel partners or entities (“Partners”) Adobe cannot and does not guarantee that any end user will receive any particular discount. Actual license fees for each end user are determined by the Partners. Offer may not be assigned, exchanged, sold, transferred, combined, or redeemed for cash or other goods and services not expressly stated here as included. Subject to availability where the recipient resides. Additional terms and conditions may apply. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW.