Stop retyping. Start making progress.

Don’t spend time searching for original files or re-creating them from scratch. When you need to update existing documents, transform them in a flash with the editing tools in Acrobat DC.

Edit PDF files.

Make changes to text and images right in your PDF file. No need to track down the original document.
Edit any paper document.

Instantly edit any paper document.

Turn your paper document into a PDF you can edit right away with fonts that look just like your original.
Convert PDFs to Office formats.

Convert PDFs to Office formats.

Turn your PDF into a native Microsoft Office document, saving fonts, formatting, and so much time.
Edit data in scanned tables.

Edit data in scanned tables.

Need to work with data but have only a paper printout? Scan it to PDF and then convert to Excel for editing and analysis.
Last-minute changes are no longer an issue. Use your iPad to make edits on the go.
Don’t just black out confidential data. Find and get rid of it for good, even in metadata.
It’s easy to add audio files, video files, and interactive objects to your PDFs.

Choose the Acrobat DC plan that works for you.

Includes Acrobat DC for your desktop and all-new Acrobat mobile and Document Cloud services.

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Get Acrobat for your desktop only. Choose from Pro and Standard versions. Special upgrade pricing available for Acrobat X and XI owners.
Adobe internetski servisi dostupni su samo korisnicima koji su navršili 13 godina i starijima, a obavezno je i prihvaćanje dodatnih uvjeta i Adobe pravila zaštite privatnosti. Internetski servisi nisu dostupni u svim zemljama ni na svim jezicima, za njih može biti potrebna registracija korisnika, a mogu se prekinuti ili izmijeniti u cijelosti ili djelomično bez prethodne najave. Mogu se naplaćivati dodatne naknade ili pretplata.