Two sales sprinters. One fast path from quote to cash.

Reach revenue faster with Apttus + Adobe Sign.

Apttus is a ‘best native app of the year’ winner. Adobe is the five-star e-sign solution on the AppExchange. Together, they help customers slash sales cycles and reach revenue in record time.
  • NetApp
    Ceridian cut overall sales quoting cycles by as much as 80% and can process 40% more proposals.
  • NetApp
    NetApp reduced turnaround time for NDAs from 15 hours per week to just 1 hour per week.

Speed sales cycles with automated document processes.

Get quotes approved and contracts signed in minutes – not weeks.  Adobe Sign integrates with Apttus CPQ and CLM in Salesforce, and with Apttus CLM for Microsoft Dynamics.
Use e-sign agreement templates.
Speed time to revenue with agreement templates for e-signing. Define workflows using business rules and configurations — no coding required.
Trigger next steps.
Automatically trigger next steps such as invoicing, order fulfillment, or onboarding new customers without needing a person to drive.
Route to multiple approvers.
Simply choose the signing order — sequential, parallel, or a combination of both — then the routing takes care of itself.
Keep sales moving from anywhere.
Access Adobe Sign and Apttus in your CRM's mobile apps to drive quotes and sales forward. You can even get contracts e-signed in person on your mobile device.
Speed sales cycles with automated document processes.

See deal status at a glance.

Take the guesswork out of quarterly target predictions. And manage your sales reps’ workloads more accurately. Get clear insight into proposals, quotes, and contracts that are out for signature with Apttus and Adobe Sign.
View document dashboards.
Gain better visibility into contract cycles and make more accurate forecasts with Adobe Sign dashboards and reports.
Track document progress.
Pinpoint and fix delays before they become problems. Confidently predict when a deal will close and prepare to take next steps. 
Get instant notifications.
On any device, know when a contract is viewed and signed. Get automatic alerts when unsigned agreements are set to expire.

Increase control and lower risk.

Cut out manual steps — and reduce the chance for human errors, as well as exposure to risk. Automate your proposal, quote, and contract processes with Apttus and Adobe Sign.
Create tamper-proof documents.
Ensure contract integrity with a digital seal that’s automatically applied after the contract is executed.
Sync data automatically.
Cut risk of errors and time spent re-keying. Automatically pull data from Apttus and your CRM into the contracts you send for signature, and flow customer data back into the record.
Keep a complete audit trail.
Reduce legal risk with an automatically generated audit trail that is easy to access and search.
Ensure compliance.
Adobe Sign is compliant with industry-leading security standards, such as PCI DSS 3.0, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001.
Increase control and lower risk.

Make every customer experience a great one, every time.

With an automated quote-to-cash workflow, your reps have more time to nurture opportunities, win signed contracts, and deliver a smooth customer experience throughout the lifecycle.
Make every customer experience a great one, every time.
Share one central record.
Access a holistic view of each customer — and all of their document transactions.
Sign any time, anywhere.
With a few clicks in a browser or with a finger on a touch-enabled device, customers can sign and return without bothering to print or fax.
Localize signing.
Be sure your communications are understood. Let customers choose from 28 language preferences in their browsers.

Want to know more?
Whether you need some basic information about Adobe Sign or you’d like a customized quote for your unique environment, we’re here to help you get your questions answered.
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